Science Vocabulary for Desert Animal Writing Prompt

Science Vocabulary for Desert Animal Writing Prompt

Connect science, art, and writing with this particular fun and easy desert animal writing prompt for young kids! Select an animal that lives into the desert habitat. Then punch “stars” on the outline to create a constellation. Encourage children to create a sentence concerning the animal constellation they selected within their sky night.

I don’t know about your children, but my son likes to make constellations, aka holes in paper. We tape them in our window to allow the lights shine through. The stars in his pictures “glow” like the night time sky that is real. Similar to the farmers, poets, and astronomers made up stories concerning the pictures they saw fashioned with stars, he too likes to make up stories.

Today, we connected the love to make holes in paper with your desert themed activities that are learning. Affiliate Links to products.

Constellation : A constellation is a made-up picture by stringing together starts in the sky. Long ago farmers used them to inform seasons. Some more well known constellations are just visible during specific times during the the entire year.

Desert : A desert is an area of land that gets little to no rainfall. You can find limited plants and animals that will survive during these living that is harsh.

Can you look on a globe or map regarding the global world and locate a desert?

  • Blue or construction paper that is black
  • Desert animals printed or drawn
  • Sharp pencil (some teachers use thumb tacks)
  • Foam or cork board
  • Strips of paper or printed sentences.

Directions for Desert Animal Writing Prompt

  1. Read books about the talk and desert about the animals that are able to survive.tarantula, desert tortoise, rattlesnake, hawk, desert fox, scorpion, camel, and insects.
  2. Explain that the young children can establish a constellation within their nighttime sky. Allow them to choose from several images which you have pre-printed.
  3. Demonstrate how exactly to safely punch a hole in the paper with the pencil tip, keeping the paper regarding the foam or cork board.
  4. Let the young children punch holes around the outside of the desert animal picture they selected.
  5. Glue a pre-printed sentence or write the sentence for your child. Have them fill out the animal by sounding out the letters. For young children, it is OK it is spelled in the dictionary for them to spell phonetically, meaning how a word sounds, rather than how. Rattlesnake as an example could possibly be written as RTLSK for an early writer or Ratlsnak . I encourage my kids to say the phrase slowly buy essays and listen for the sounds they hear.

Alternative Directions for Desert Animal Writing Prompt

  1. It’s possible to have children write their very own sentence
  2. Advanced writers may write an entire story about their desert animal constellation.
  3. Young learners also can dictate the storyline behind their selected animal in addition to adult could write that story down.

Lay out these desert activities in different aspects of the area and let children rotate through each station throughout the week. OR Gather the supplies for every activity and work on one a day with your child or classroom.

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About Amanda Boyarshinov

K – 12 masters reading teacher, author and mom to 3. Amanda is a National Board Certified teacher with oodles of expertise during the early childhood education.

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Science Vocabulary for Desert Animal Writing Prompt

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